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Mensaje por RitsuKu el Sáb Nov 24, 2012 12:49 am

he aqui el sub de no thank you
segundo closing de la segunda temporada de k-on
esta un poco cambiado para que se pueda cantar, porgo un audio luego quizas

togather in front of the whiteboard we stand
we write down our dreams without restraint
even when the bells resound in the timeless dusk
we will never lose the power of our dreams
we will sing more- and more -and more until we can no more
with words of hope- blo-ssoming in our lips
when the words-are freed-from us
they;ll become a brigth ligth
we are the fragmets of that great ligth

i swear i leave the memories behind
because im in love with today
rembering is a luxury
of becoming an adult
but i think... ill hold back some more

in the book of my heart my pen writes on
it cries my memories with every stroke
with friend u live the happy and sad times
plese shine with me forevermore

and well fly- well fly- well fly to the horizon
we cant wait-the wind-keeps- taking us foreward
and when we hear- our own- heartbeats - echo in the deep
well fly with wings of our own!

i dont need the- promises of old
because today is time to act
promising is something thats left for kids
and this...i tel you ...by my own expirience

im sure this messege is left
forever in this song
we dont need dreams of eternity
because well never go away
from our songs

if i weaken more- and more- and more
we will still proclaim
our- moment- left in tape- for all eternity

we will find -our ways- because the marks in our maps
the encounter with forever

no thank you
i seriosly- dont need yesterday
be cause today is in love with you
rembering is a luxury
of becoming an adult
but i think... ill hold back forever


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